Myrnac Le Petit Prince

AKC CH Myrnac Barclay Braun x Banner's Bonfire
  • Myrnac Le Petit Prince - Toby at 2 years old

Toby's Story ~~~

Toby was born in a rather large litter of 6 puppies. This biggest litter ever born in my home.  He was the smallest at birth and I knew he would be about 12# at full growth.  He was placed with a wonderful loving elderly couple.  This was their second cavalier.  I was proud to place my puppy with this home, as I knew they would take wonderful care of our puppy and he was a healthy puppy.  As Toby began to grow he began experiencing some behaviors that concerned his owners.  As loving owners, they found the best care possible and had an MRI performed on the puppy.  After the owners recieved word from the veternarian suggesting brain surgery on the four month old puppy they finally called me to discuss his care.

I wanted to see this puppy for myself so I could better assess his condition.  Their surgeon had only performed one previous surgery.  I was not comfortable with this at all. I wanted the puppy reviewed by a much more experienced neurologist.  Unfortunately at the time, Ohio State University's neurologist had left  the University.  I took Toby, his mother and father to see a board certified neurologist in Virginia that has done over 20 brain surgeries and actually owns a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel that required brain surgery.

The Virginia neurologist evaluated all the video DVD's sent by orginal owner, previous veternarian notes on puppy's care, MRI of puppy and his father and physical exam of all three dogs.  He stated that he saw nothing wrong with the puppy, father or mother.  Stating that surgery or medication would not be necessary at that time.  He did show me the signs to look for.  Also how to apply pressure at certain points along the spine to help with evaluation, which I have used on many dogs over the years. But of course, an MRI confirms SM.

Toby lives with my best friend who just a few blocks away from my home.  This have given me the opportunity to watch Toby grow over the years.  We have not observed any symptoms of SM and he remains heart clear.  He is on the small side of 13 pounds, but like anyone his weight has increased over the years.

As for the previous owners of Toby, as my promissary note stated that I would be happy to offer a replacement puppy.  Unfortunately, I was experiencing some breeding issue (sterile older stud and sterile female).  So I did not have puppies available. Impatient owners brought me to court.  The judge told the owners to cease their website.  Needless to say, the owners have been paid back after my next litter was sold.  More importantly,Toby is healthy, happy neutered pet..

The one sided website still is on line.

If you would like to learn more about Toby or have any questions, please feel free to contact me.